Internships for those seeking credentials with the Assemblies of God

  • How long does an internship take?

Internships are required at all three levels of credentialing — Certified, Licensed, and Ordained. They are a practical, hands-on ministry experience normally supervised by the intern’s home church pastor.  Because the internship prayer journal requires six months to complete, the internship is a minimum of six months. Interns have up to 2 years to complete their internship requirements.

  • What does it cost and how do I register?

The cost for your Internship is a one-time registration fee of $99 per level paid to MNSOM and a recommended honorarium to your Mentor of $100. A book will also be assigned and that is a separate cost. You can register on the Class Registration page.

  • When do I start my internship?

There is a six-month minimum for an internship so it must therefore be started before June 1 in order to complete the requirements by November 30 to receive credentials in the following year. For the Combined Certified and Licensed Internship, we recommend closer to 12 months. We recommend starting your internship steps once you have completed 4-5 classes.

  • When do I apply for credentials?

In the Minnesota District Council of the Assemblies of God (MDC), the Pre-Application for credentials can be submitted anytime after January 1st of the year you are applying. All supporting documents then for the full credential application are due October 1 each year. If there is divorce in your past or your spouse’s, a separate application and corresponding paperwork are due in August. Credentials are bestowed during the District Council ceremony the following April.   More credentialing information can be found at All classes must be completed by December 31 of that year. For the full, detailed Credentialing Pathway, click here.

  • Who supervises my internship?

 Typically, the Internship mentor is your church Pastor. All Mentors must be Assemblies of God Ministers, must be one credential level higher than the level the intern candidate is seeking to complete and needs to be approved by the MNSOM Director. A Mentor Covenant must be completed and sent for approval during the first month of internship. For approval, make a copy of the signed Mentor Covenant and return it to the  the District Office:

Scan and email (preferred):

Mailing Address:
Minnesota District of the Assemblies of God
Rev. Pam Lund-Internship Director
1315 Portland Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Students can find all of the Internship Manuals and paperwork  on their Moodle Website after they have registered for an internship and the MNSOM staff has processed the registration.

  • What if I want to go straight through to License to Preach (Level 2)? 

We offer a Combined Internship option that covers all the requirements for both Certified and Licensed level internships. The suggested time to complete is 1 year as there are almost double the requirements as an Individual level. The cost is $198 plus the recommended honorarium to your mentor of $100. It will save you internship requirements along with credentialing steps and fees.

  • What if I would like more experience with the internship concepts?

Annually we offer an optional  Propel Internship Summit in July of each year that gives hands-on, practical teaching and practice on internship topics. Please go to for more information.